Bellevue Leaders Support Family Health Services Expansion


The Service Area Competition Additional Areas grant from the Bureau of Primary Health Care provides funding for public and private nonprofit community-based and patient-directed organizations that provide primary health-care services to the nation’s medically underserved populations. According to a presentation done by Family Health Services CEO Aaron Huston, this particular grant opportunity only comes around approximately every four years

During the presentation in Bellevue, City Council members and Mayor Ned Burns all expressed excitement about the possibility of a health clinic for Bellevue and agreed to write a letter of support for the grant application. If grant funding comes through, the facility in Bellevue would have two nurse practitioners/ physician assistants, one dentist and one hygienist, one licensed clinical social worker and one pharmacist.

“Many of our residents go without needed health care due to the cost and the distance they must travel to obtain those services,” states the letter of support from the Bellevue City Council and mayor, dated March 19. “Taking a day off of work or having a child miss a day of school is the reality for those who have no insurance in order to get the care they need. Having a community health center in Bellevue would be a tremendous asset for those residents.”

Learn more about the grant application

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