Dental Assistant

Valley Family Health Care is hiring a Dental Assistant. Position closing date 10/12/17


  1. Oregon Certificate of Radiological Proficiency
  2. Oregon Certificate of Expanded Functions (EFDA)
  3. Oregon Certificate of Additional Expanded Functions (Sealants)
  4. Idaho Certification of Registration in Expanded Functions
  5. Idaho Certificate to place sealants and polish restorations.
  6. CPR certified in basic life support.
  7. Be at least eighteen years of age.
  8. Exhibit a pleasant and mature personality and a willingness to learn and take initiative.
  9. Take responsibility for all duties assigned.
  10. Preferably be able to speak and understand Spanish and English.
  11. Be available for evening and weekend hours if/when requested.
  12. Be compassionate toward people and display a genuine understanding and empathy toward the underserved populations of Idaho and Oregon.

For full job description and qualifications please visit

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