Dental Hygienist

POSITION TITLE: Registered Dental Hygienist
RESPONSIBLE TO: Dental Director
FLSA STATUS: Full time – Exempt, Part time – Non-Exempt

1. Graduate from an accredited Dental Hygiene program.
2. Have a current license in the states of Idaho and Oregon.
3. Be CPR Certified.
4. Be licensed according to state laws to administer Nitrous Oxide.
5. Be licensed according to state laws to administer local anesthesia.
1. Work with patients to conduct dental and medical histories.
2. Conduct oral exams of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth.
3. Notify the dentist of questionable areas on the hard or soft tissue.
4. Evaluate plaque accumulation, calculus accumulation, bleeding upon probing.
5. Perform scaling and root planning, curettage, oral prophylaxis and topical fluoride treatment.
6. Place sealants.
7. Provide patient education regarding oral hygiene problems (i.e. rampant decay, diet,
periodontal disease, smoking cessation, OHI tools, and all other aspects of dentistry related
to hygiene/preventive issues).
8. Check and maintains clinical equipment and instruments.
9. Take x-rays and assist the dentist when necessary.
10. Sharpen and sterilize instruments.
11. Help assistants in their duties as necessary and as time allows.
12. Administer and monitor patients on Nitrous Oxide.
13. Maintain OSHA records and evaluate overall cleanliness of the facility.
14. Oversee chart reviews quarterly.
15. Participate on committees as needed.
16. Take Continuing Dental Education courses required to maintain current licensure in Idaho
and Oregon.
17. Assist with meeting quality measure sby completing tasks related to VFHC initiatives.
18. Performs other duties as assigned.

Health Education and Program Planning:
1. Act as community advocate.
2. Prepare dental education material such as slides, pamphlets, CD’s and present and
distribute these to schools, community groups, day cares, and other interested parties.
3. Schedule and conduct in-service dental health programs.
4. Perform training on infection control to employees on a yearly basis and keep attendance.
5. Develop and plan dental health surveys and use the results to evaluate effectiveness.
6. Keeps inventory of dental supplies and education materials.
7. Develop and evaluate programs to meet the needs of the community.
8. Provide dental screening as often as population increases and time allows.
9. Coordinate programs for school children to do education, prophylaxis, fluoride and sealants.

Complexity and Demands:
1. Be willing to provide a position of leadership to accomplish the Community Health Service
Mission of VFHC Dental Team.
2. Deliver a broad range of Dental services to the entire population.
3. Understand the complexity of the bilingual/bicultural clinic.
4. Adhere to all clinic and administrative protocols set forth by the Dental Director and CEO.
5. Willingly attend and participate in all-staff and committee meetings as required or assigned
by the CEO or Dental Director.

Administrative Guidelines:
1. VFHC Dental Policy and Procedures Manual.
2. VFHC Employee Handbook.
3. Idaho and Oregon State Dental Practice Acts.
3. NHSC and USPHS guidelines.
Physical Requirements:
1. Be able to lift without adverse effects weights up to 25 pounds.
2. Be able to endure long periods of standing, sitting, bending or stooping.
3. Have correctable vision and hearing.
4. Be able to read, write and speak clearly.
5. Possess the appropriate manual dexterity to perform successfully the duties described within
this Job Description "Dental Hygienist".

Environmental conditions:
The VFHC Dental Clinic work environment is much like that of a typical dental office where the
risk of exposure to strong bright light, a high decibel level, ionizing radiation, and blood borne
pathogens can and do exist.


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