New CHAS clinic offers integrated care for seniors, complex medical cases


CHAS Health opened its north central clinic in late December, with a focus on patients older than 60. It’s the only clinic among 16 CHAS Health sites focused on a senior population. Among the 360 patients who regularly book appointments, the eldest visitor is 99.

“There’s more of a team approach to patients here, and there are longer visits because the patients are more complex,” said Dr. William Lockwood, CHAS Health chief clinic officer.“We have pharmacists who have experience in elderly care and medications in elderly care, so they’re part of the care team.”

The new site offers nutrition evaluations, in-depth review of medications, screening for risk of falls and prevention, dementia assessments and other geriatric health issues. Patients are asked about end-of-life advance care decisions. All clinic providers have experience in geriatric health care, including internal medicine physician Dr. Jeremy Graham, also board certified in lipidology to manage disorders such as high cholesterol and cardio-vascular disease.

Learn more from the Spokesman-Review about the compassionate and integrated care provided by CHAS Health. 

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