Pharmacy Technician PRN

This position is to work as needed and as available in our Pharmacies Twin Falls, Burley and Rupert.  


Responsible for prescription filling tasks and other duties required in pharmacy.



High school diploma/GED.  Must have an Idaho State Pharmacy Technician or Pharmacy Technician in Training certification. 



• Specific Pharmacy Technician knowledge and training

• Computer skills include ability to use Pharmacy Management software, NexGen (EPM & EHR), and Microsoft software products

• Effectively communicate verbally and through written (electronic) correspondence



1. Data entry of prescriptions from hardcopy, e-scripts, and refills

a. With new prescriptions enters patient demographics, insurance information, allergies, and chronic diseases.

b. Updates patient information as necessary.

c. Uses the electronic health record (EHR) to verify and find needed information

d. Notifies the pharmacist of drug utilization review (DUR) messages before proceeding with prescription process.

e. Baskets all prescription materials to forward to counting station

2. Appropriately bills prescriptions

a. Selects the correct type of billing 

b. Responds to third-party error messages

c. Reprocesses billing as needed

3. Prepares prescriptions for filling:

a. Retrieves stock medications for prescription filling 

b. Counts and pours from a stock bottle

c. Applies the appropriate label

d. Reconstitutes a prepared product that does not require calculation under direct supervision

e. Assures the correct national drug code (NDC) is used to fill the prescription

f. Applies the counter check procedure as a first check

g. Marks opened bottles

h. Files and retrieves pharmacy records as needed

i. Place filled medications into a basket for pharmacist check

4. Process prescription at point of sale (POS)

a. Files the completed prescriptions alphabetically for pick-up

b. Hands out completed refills to the patient when no counseling is necessary 

c. Operates the cash register and related tasks

5. Manages Inventory

a. Add new and adjust current medication information in the pharmacy system 

b. Adjust inventory counts as needed

c. Receives, processes and organizes stock medications

d. Processes outdates and returns per procedures

e. Processes daily medication orders

f. Outdates checks are done at least weekly

6. Maintains assigned work areas and equipment in clean and orderly condition

a. Garbage and shredding is dealt with daily

b. Floors are swept/vacuumed at least weekly

c. Counters are cleaned daily

7. Prepares daily reports as assigned

8. Handles non-professional phone calls to/from:

a. Patient requesting refills of the prescription with a number

b. Calls to a physician’s office requesting a refill authorization according to procedure

c. Calls regarding pricing information

d. Calls regarding hours of operation

e. Calls regarding goods and services

f. Inquiries from patients asking if their prescriptions are refillable or number of refills

g. Calls dealing with the ordering of drugs or supplies form the wholesaler.

9. Attendance 

a. Ensures attendance and hours worked are accurately recorded in a computerized time management system

b. Properly manages paid vacation and sick leave

c. Responsible for regular, predictable attendance and to work hours as scheduled.




Family Health Services enforces a safety culture whereby all employees have the responsibility for continuously developing and maintaining a safe working environment.  Each employee is responsible for completing all training requirements, participating in emergency response tasks as requested, and serving on safety committees and teams as requested.  In addition, employees must accept the responsibility for maintaining the safety of themselves and others by adhering to all written and verbal instructions, promptly reporting and/or correcting all hazards or unsafe conditions, and providing feedback to supervisors and management on all safety issues.



Family Health Services is committed to the very highest standards of ethics and integrity.  It is our policy to properly determine the accuracy of reporting and billing our services in accordance with the rules, laws and regulations of FHS, the state government, and the federal government.  FHS employees will do their part to ensure accurate documenting and billing practices, participate in compliance trainings and will identify and report any concerns or activities that may violate these standards.

Each employee will be trained on the FHS Medicare Compliance Plan and the Standards of Conduct and asked to sign a Conflict of Interest Statement at hire and annually thereafter.  A copy of the Medicare Compliance Plan and the FHS Standards of Conduct are available on the FHS home page under the Compliance tab. 



Family Health Services is committed to providing our patients with the highest standards of care by becoming recognized as patient centered medical home.  FHS staff is expected to participate in this process by being an active and willing PCMH team member.  Specific duties and expectations may vary and will be identified by position and site.



Employee must read and understand the general and specific operational, safety, and environmental requirements of all plans, procedures, and policies pertaining to this job.  



Work is normally performed in a typical interior/pharmacy work environment. 

Typical physical demands include:

• Standing for long periods of time

• Occasional lifting up to 20 pounds

• Frequent bending,  walking, reaching and kneeling

• Good eyesight and vision for close work/computer screens

• Ability to communicate in person and on the phone

• Frequent use of the keyboard and writing requiring manual dexterity


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