Regence donates $1 million to advance health equity in local communities

Regence health plans today announced a $1 million philanthropic investment to advance health equity in underserved communities across Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington. CHAS Health/Lewis and Clark Health Center will receive $100,000 to conduct a behavioral health needs assessment and develop a comprehensive, community-supported action plan to help break the stigma around mental health challenges through a collaborative and equitable approach. 

The investment will address the socioeconomic challenges that prevent people from living their healthiest lives by expanding existing community health programs with a specific emphasis on:

  • increasing care access and capacity, as well as integrating behavioral health services into existing programs 
  • reducing barriers to optimal health by addressing social determinants of health (SDOH), including housing, food and emergency support
  • and by improving capacity for more personalized and sustainable care coordination between medical providers and social services.  

Read more about Regence Donation to local community health care centers. 

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