Terry Reillys Caldwell Housing & Clinic Project Moves Forward


Goodbye to the old Pennywise Drugs store in Caldwell and hello to a new chapter for the property. Terry Reilly Health Services is building a four story complex to provide health care and affordable housing, called Cleveland Square. It's part of the city's goal to revitalize downtown and make it the centerpiece of Caldwell once again. On the first floor the clinic will provide primary, dental and behavioral health care services and the three stories above will include 50 housing units for families 55 years old and older.

"When we started talking about what the possibilities could be for a partnership here, for me, it was a no brainier," said Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas. "The Terry Reilly services are so essential to so many families in our community. We have a wonderful health system in Caldwell, we do, but it takes all different kinds of health services to make sure we're all taken care of."

The new building is slated to be open this summer. 

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