Terry Reilly Health Services Partners with Boise PD and Dep. of Corrections to Combat Opioid Use in the Treasure Valley


Terry Reilly Health Services is partnering with the Boise Police Department and the Idaho Department of Correction, to provide medication-assisted treatment for people in need.  It's timely because, like law enforcement nationwide, Boise police officers often find themselves arresting the same people again and again for opioid-related offenses. That's part of the reason Boise Police Department leadership implemented a new pilot diversion program to tackle the opioid crisis head on. The initiative is one of five the Treasure Valley Opioid Response Team created in its strategic plan for battling the opioid epidemic.

The program allows offenders who fit a long list of criteria to, instead of heading straight to jail, participate in a yearlong treatment program to kick their opioid addiction. The program uses medication-assisted treatment. It's funded through an Idaho Department of Health and Welfare grant to get 10 people in the program. 

Find out more about this program from the Idaho Press. 

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