Terry Reilly receiving $752K to prevent pandemic-related suicides

A local health group will receive a $752,000, 16-month federal grant to help prevent pandemic-related suicides in Idaho.

Idaho has the fifth-highest suicide rate in the United States, and the isolating effects of the pandemic haven't helped.

The large grant was given to Terry Reilly Health Services who will partner with Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline to help prevent deaths by suicide in the Gem State during COVID-19.

The grant builds on the "Zero Suicide" approach. According to Terry Reilly Health Services, that is a national framework that advances suicide prevention activities in primary care and behavioral health care systems.

“Organizations that have used the Zero Suicide approach found a 60-80% reduction in suicide rates among those in care. This grant enables our health system to increase capacity to address suicide prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond,” said Heidi Hart, CEO of Terry Reilly Health Services.

The Zero Suicide approach explains that people who have access to primary care or behavioral health care in a clinical setting are less likely to kill themselves.

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline will give training in suicide prevention to Terry Reilly staff and partner with Terry Reilly providers to provide supportive, caring follow up contacts.

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