Idaho Health Center Quality Collaborative


About Us

The Idaho Health Center Quality Collaborative (IHCQC) is a health center controlled network comprised of 15 health centers with over 89 sites. Health center services include behavioral health, dental, pharmacy, substance use treatment, optometry and many other supporting services. Our mission is to provide services that enable our member health centers to provide their patients with the highest quality, effective and efficient heath care and improve the overall health of their communities. The IPCA IHCQC team represents a multidisciplinary group of professionals from various backgrounds who are also practitioners in the field of process and quality improvement. Collectively, we provide Idaho community health centers services and expert guidance, particularly in the context of using data to support healthcare to rural and special populations. Amidst all the changes in healthcare, we want to support health centers, wherever they are, in the process of creating a culture of continuous quality improvement.


IHCQC started in 2013 and is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration. HCQC is composed of health centers working together to address operational and clinical challenges related to the use of health information technology. IHCQC helps members improve access to care, enhance quality of care, and achieve cost efficiencies through the redesign of practices. IHCQC provides specialized technical and training assistance to participating health centers to leverage economies of scale, such as group purchasing power, shared resources and training, and data analytics expertise to support quality measurement and improvement, and the ability to share and apply lessons learned across providers. Electronic health records, external patient data sources such as the Idaho Health Data Exchange, and payer (cost) reports are large and cost-effective data sources that have the ability to inform best practices, improve decision making, reduce costs, and increase reimbursement. Our IHCQC team works to increase the efficiency, validity, value, and actionable applications of this data and develop efficient processes and workflows for improving care at our member health centers.